Lorenzo The Magnificent's RoomGetting married in the Palazzo Vecchio fortress means celebrating your unforgetable event in one of the most important museums in the world. Palazzo Vecchio arranges three astonishing halls and one of it is the Room of Lorenzo the Magnificent (Lorenzo de' Medici - 1449-1492) enhanced his reputation by promoting peace agreements and alliances. He was called The Magnificent on account of his exceptional prowess.

The Room is decorated with frescoes of Girogio Vasari and Marco Marchetti da Faenza (1556 - 1558) and depicts several stages of the life of Lorenzo The Magnificent.

After celebrating the Civil Wedding, the couple can take a tour to the museum and see the whole Palazzo Vecchio and its beautiful artistic treasures. For more information about this venue please visit the Aparments of Leo X. The Room where Civil Weddings are celebrated is room number of in the map.