Florence is a unique Renaissance city surrounded by history and art. Civil Weddings can take place at the City Town Hall of Palazzo Vecchio the ancient residence of the Medici family at the Red Hall, at the Room of Lorenzo and at the Hall of the '500. Other venues in the city of Florence are at the Council Bardini Museum and at the the Garden of Roses in Poggio Imperiale. Rates are difefrent according with the location

The Hall of 500 is the most imposing chamber in Palazzo Vecchio, built in 1494 by Simone del Pollaiolo. On the walls are large and expansive frescoes that depict battles and military victories by Florence over Pisa and Siena. The surviving decorations in this hall were made between 1555 and 1572 by Giorgio Vasari and his helpers. The hall can hold up to 500 guests.



  • The marriage date is confirmed by the registry office only 6 months prior the wedding. 

  • Sworn declaration to be done two days before the wedding.
Ceremony lasts aproximately 30 minutes. No music is allowed.
Only Civil Weddings are allowed in the City Town Hall of Florence.

  • The ceremony is performed in Italian language by the Mayor or his substitute an interpreter is provided by us.

  • The ceremony can be enriched with brief readings and music.